Quality Assurance Inspection

FSE quality assurance inspection focuses on the practical application of quality for FRP fabrication and installation.  Checklists and forms always take a back seat to making sure that the truly important aspects of FRP quality are achieved, resulting in predictably, reliably performing equipment that is fit for purpose on delivery to the end user.

Why work with us?

Project Reliability

O&M Reliability

Reliable FRP Schedules

Reliable budgets

Reduced Rework

Reduced costly failure outages

Reduced maintenance costs

Longer FRP service life


“To the user, quality is fitness for use, not conformance to specification.  The ultimate user seldom knows what is in the specifications.  His evaluation of quality is based on whether the product is fit for use on delivery to him and on whether it continues to be fit for use.”    

— Quality Control Handbook – Third Edition

Effective Quality


Exclusive focus: Industrial fiberglass equipment and piping


Decades of FRP manufacturing and inspection experience


Subject matter experts in fabrication and installation quality

Third Party Objectivity

Unbiased and clear technical perspective

Integrated Engineering Support

Inspection supported by engineered solutions