FRP Piping Reliability Program

The goals of the FRP Piping System Detailed Reliability Assessment include evaluating the current structural integrity of the piping systems and developing a unique and specific program. This program aims to assess currently installed piping systems using engineering tools, inspect the installed piping system, and determine required maintenance and restoration activities.

Why work with us?

Commitment to Excellence

Research and Analysis

Understand the operational history and current state of your piping systems.

Strategic Enhancements

Recommend design enhancements and prioritize repairs or replacements as needed.

Quality Assurance and Training

Implement our QA program and provide comprehensive training and certification to your team.

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Discover the ultimate solution for ensuring the integrity and reliability of your FRP piping systems. Our Detailed Reliability Assessment is meticulously designed to evaluate, enhance, and ensure the structural integrity of your installed piping systems. We leverage advanced engineering tools and a comprehensive program tailored to assess, inspect, and determine the essential maintenance and restoration activities required to extend the life of your piping systems.

Our Program Highlights

  • Comprehensive Evaluation

    We assess the structural integrity of your current piping systems using advanced engineering tools.

  • Tailored Solutions

    Develop a customized program for inspection, maintenance, and restoration to fit your specific needs.

  • Lifecycle Support

    From initial assessment to ongoing maintenance, we ensure your piping systems fulfill their service objectives and operate reliably throughout their lifespan.

  • Expertise and Quality

    Leverage our expert team and QA programs for enhancements, repairs, and replacements, ensuring top-notch reliability and performance.


Exclusive focus: Industrial fiberglass equipment and piping


Decades of FRP manufacturing and inspection experience


Subject matter experts in the evaluation of in-service FRP equipment

Third Party Objectivity

Unbiased and clear technical perspective

Integrated Engineering Support

Engineered mechanical integrity evaluations