Preventive Maintenance Inspection & Evaluation

You need dependable and predictable FRP process equipment. Decades of inspection experience covering a wide diversity of FRP equipment and conditions have made FSE the trusted leader in effective PM inspection and evaluation of existing FRP equipment.

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Predictable Reliability

Accurate integrity evaluation

Effective tracking and trending

Expert repair/replace recommendations

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Effective evaluation and preventive maintenance of industrial fiberglass (FRP) equipment and piping reduces life-cycle costs and increases safety and long-term reliability. PM visual inspection, innovative NDE techniques and quantitative measurements, combined with specialized engineering evaluation and comprehensive reporting provides equipment owners and operators with the ability to make fully informed and timely repair or replace decisions.


Exclusive focus: Industrial fiberglass equipment and piping


Decades of FRP manufacturing and inspection experience


Subject matter experts in the evaluation of in-service FRP equipment

Third Party Objectivity

Unbiased and clear technical perspective

Integrated Engineering Support

Engineered mechanical integrity evaluations