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Deep expertise and extensive experience in engineering, inspecting, and testing fiber reinforced plastic materials. Independently supporting customers and end users of industrial fiberglass equipment and piping

Fiberglass structural engineering

Trusted by the World's Leading COMPANIES


FSE supports major capital projects with FRP Specialist expertise and experience



Inspection and engineering investigation of FRP equipment material failures


Composites engineering review 
and design services


Composites engineering review 
and design services


Composites engineering review 
and design services


Expert third-party QA inspection for fabrication and site installation


Laboratory testing and analysis 
of FRP material properties


Laminators certificate necessary to work on large projects where FRP equipment is installed.

FRP Piping System Assessment

Detailed Reliability Assessment for FRP Piping System

equipment reliability

FRP equipment reliability doesn't happen by accident

Choosing fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) for corrosion resistance is just the first step – not the entire solution.

FRP mechanical material failures cost end users millions of dollars in lost production and repairs every year.

Most customers and end users of industrial fiberglass equipment and piping need qualified, practical FRP expertise and experience on staff. FSE can seamlessly join your project team to augment your in-house engineering efforts. FSE can help you keep your material and construction vendors focused on flawless execution. FSE has nearly 50 years of experience assisting end-users in designing, ordering, and installing robust FRP piping and equipment. We have been and will be around to see how the piping and equipment perform in service. Our preventive maintenance team works with you to maintain and characterize the status of your FRP systems so you can maximize system lifetime and reliability.

Ensuring that your critical process FRP equipment and piping is reliable and fit for purpose for its entire designed service life is essential to uninterrupted production – and most importantly to your business bottom line.

Invest in reliability . . . . compromise elsewhere.


Effective results for what matters most to you

Project Performance

Specialized technical support for your project. Less FRP rework and fewer missed milestones result in projects that stay on schedule and on budget.

FRP Reliability

FRP equipment that’s long term reliable for the end user. Reduced failures and expensive production outages. Reduced maintenance and repair costs.


Dependable FRP outcomes flow from reliable Specialist engineering, specifications, and independent assurance of quality in fabrication and installation.


Independent FRP expertise on the project team eliminates the need for overreliance on fabrication and installation vendors and limited warranties.

Business Performance

FRP expertise improves FRP equipment performance. Better performing FRP equipment results in fewer unplanned outages and more profitable production.

Effective Maintenance

Unbiased specialist inspection and evaluation result in better repair/replace decisions at the right time for more effective maintenance cost control.

What makes FSE so effective for our clients?


Exclusive focus on industrial fiberglass equipment and piping.


Analysis and design that ensures fitness for purpose and reliability.


Engineers and inspectors with decades of FRP experience.


Subject matter experts in industrial FRP materials and applications.

Third Party Objectivity

Always unbiased and independent.


Doable solutions compatible with industry capabilities.

Integrated Services

Inspection and evaluation supported by engineered solutions.

“One of the many reasons I value FSE is because they are not manufacturers. They are completely unbiased and can deliver the answers I need when I need them.”
Stephen Gutierrez
Sr. Construction Quality Manager of FLUOR, Saudi Arabia
“My company relied extensively on FSE’s fiberglass expertise in the engineering, manufacturing, and construction phases of multiple challenging FGD installations. Their consistent, high quality reviews and inspections from all their fantastic people contributed greatly to the success of these projects. I worked with 10 different individuals with FSE and would recommend each and every one of them for future projects.”
Jeremy Hubers, P.E.
Mechanical Engineer, Black & Veatch, USA
“We have found working with FSE really easy. Estimates are reliable, results are quick and the process of doing business contains no drama.”
Jim Payant
Vice President of Janicki Industries Inc.

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