Remote Visual Inspection & Evaluation

When equipment or piping manned entry inspection is not possible, FSE offers expert visual inspection using remote operated pushrod cameras, crawler cameras, and more.  Effective equipment evaluation always starts with expert visual inspection – even in difficult access situations.

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Difficult Access Inspection

Limited manned entry to equipment and piping

High-definition camera stills and video

FRP Specialist inspection and evaluation

Dry and submersible camera equipment

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Expert FSE preventive maintenance inspection and failure investigation is possible even when manned entry inspection is limited. Remote operated, camera mounted visual inspection equipment can be inserted into FRP piping, tanks, scrubbers and other equipment to acquire real-time visual access to interior surfaces. FSE remote visual equipment is paired with expert FSE inspectors to provide accurate, reliable FRP equipment and piping evaluation.


FSE expert inspectors, not just camera operators


Subject matter experts in the evaluation of in-service FRP equipment


Subject matter experts in the evaluation of in-service FRP equipment

Third Party Objectivity

Unbiased and clear technical perspective

Integrated Engineering Support

Engineered mechanical integrity evaluations