Materials Testing and NDT

The FSE materials lab can perform a variety of FRP tests for material properties, such as tensile and flexural strength, ignition loss for glass/resin content, and hydrostatic and burst testing.  Accurate material properties are essential to designing and evaluating FRP materials.

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Physical Properties & Evaluation

Flexural testing

Tensile testing

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Ring bending/ hoop flexural stiffness testing (pipe)

Hoop tensile/ split disk testing (pipe)

Ignition Loss (“burn”) testing

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Laboratory specimen visual examination

NDT Non-Destructive Testing


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Accurate identification and analysis of FRP material physical properties is critical to understanding how particular FRP equipment or piping will perform or react under a variety of mechanical stresses in various corrosive environments. 

FRP materials do not have uniform standard physical properties.  Equipment design depends on application of accurate properties and allowable stresses to achieve long term reliability performance in service.  Expert FRP materials testing is often crucial to evaluating equipment failure or better understanding service life expectancy for compromised FRP equipment.


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