FSE Services​

Expert support for your FRP capital projects and maintenance programs

Engineering  Inspection  Testing

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Experienced and objective FRP expertise you can rely on. From specifications and design services to consulting and vendor submittal reviews, FSE offers a complete range of composite engineering support services for industrial FRP projects.

Quality Assurance Inspection

Expert third-party quality assurance inspection for fabrication and site installation. Our proven approach to quality assurance results in FRP products and installations that achieve truly effective and meaningful quality for your project.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection

You need dependable and predictable FRP process equipment. Decades of inspection experience covering a wide diversity of FRP equipment and conditions have made FSE the trusted leader in effective PM inspection and evaluation of existing FRP equipment.

Failure Investigation​

Our expert knowledge of FRP materials and failure modes allows us to quickly and accurately analyze minor to catastrophic equipment failures. FSE field investigation, lab materials testing, and engineering analysis provide you with reliable information to make good decisions.

Materials Testing & NDT

The FSE materials lab performs a variety of FRP tests for material properties, such as tensile and flexural strength, ignition loss for glass/resin content, and hydrostatic and burst testing. Accurate material properties are essential to designing and evaluating FRP materials.

Remote Visual Inspection

When equipment or piping manned entry inspection is not possible, FSE offers expert visual inspection using remote operated pushrod cameras, crawler cameras, and more. Effective equipment evaluation always starts with expert visual inspection - even in difficult access situations.

Fiberglass used in factories

FRP Piping Reliability Program

The FRP Piping System Detailed Reliability Assessment aims to evaluate structural integrity, develop a program for assessing, inspecting, and determining maintenance of installed systems, ensuring they meet service life objectives, operate reliably, and prevent unplanned shutdowns.

Laminator Training/Certification

Certified Laminators will have training credentials necessary to work on large projects where FRP equipment is installed. Construction companies rely on expert/certified laminators to install the equipment according to project specifications and international standards. FSEICC certified laminators qualify to be on the job site.