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FSE supports major capital projects with FRP Specialist expertise and experience

Saudi Kayan Petrochemicals Complex

Saudi Arabia

  • 6 ft. dia. FRP Sea Cooling Water Piping
  • 11 ft. dia. FRP Fresh Cooling Water Piping
  • 30” dia. FRP Firewater Network Piping
  • 20 ft. dia. sodium hypochlorite tanks
    FSE Scope
  • Pipe design review and stress analysis
  • Piping specifications review
  • QA shop fabrication inspection
  • QA site installation inspection

Haiwee Power Plant Penstock Replacement Project

$21M pipeline project to replace 9,420 lin. feet of 1920s era carbon steel-riveted penstock piping with 84” dia. FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) piping, providing gravity-fed water from the South Haiwee Reservoir to the downstream Haiwee Power Plant. The new pipeline is also part of a Los Angeles aqueduct system that brings clean drinking water to the city

FSE Scope:

  • Pipe design review
  • QA shop fabrication inspection
  • QA site installation inspection 

Escondida Water Supply Project


$3.43B water supply project including a 57-million gallon per day (2,500 liters per second) greenfield seawater RO Desalinization Plant with FRP Seawater Reverse Osmosis Piping, located at the Caleta Coloso Port near Antofagasta Chile.  Supplying fresh water piped inland to service the Minera Escondida Copper Mine located in the Atacama Desert at Escondida.

FSE Scope:
  • 16” to 78” dia. FRP Seawater Reverse Osmosis Piping
  • QA shop fabrication inspection

Bowen Power Plant Jet Bubbling Reactor Project


  • 119 ft. dia. FRP JBR scrubber
  • 68 ft. gas riser and 34 ft. dia. outlet duct
  • FRP flat panel inlet chimney breeching
  • 34 ft. dia. FRP chimney liner
  • FRP slurry tanks and piping

FSE Scope:
  • Descriptive design engineering
  • Specifications
  • QA shop fabrication inspection
  • Field engineering support
JBR Scrubber DSCF2617

Shell Ethylene Cracker Complex


800,000 tpa greenfield ethylene cracker complex, including butadiene extraction unit. Part of the Client’s integrated Petrochemicals Complex spanning Pular Bukom and Jurong islands. The grassroots ethylene complex provides ethylene feedstock to the MEG Mono-Ethylene Glycol production plant on neighboring Jurong Island.


FSE Scope:

  • Aboveground and underground Utilities and Offsites Package – FRP Sea Cooling Water Piping
  • Pipe design review and stress analysis
  • Piping specifications review
  • Quality Assurance shop fabrication inspection
  • Quality Assurance site installation inspection
FSE maintenance on pipe
week 47 320

ExxonMobil ALNG Offshore LNG
Gravity Based Structure


$1B offshore greenfield LNG re-gasification terminal.

FSE Scope:

  • Open Rack Vaporizer FRP sea cooling water header pipe and fittings, and potable water piping
  • FEED constructability 3-D model reviews
  • FRP specification review
  • FSE originated design and descriptive specifications
  • Stress analysis setup and review
  • Pipe spool drawing review
  • Review of piping mechanical and physical properties
  • Quality assurance shop fabrication inspection
  • Quality Assurance inspection of shipyard piping assembly

Hebron Offshore Oil Platform Project


$14B oil production platform with topsides FRP piping.

FSE Scope:

  • Utilities and process piping: seawater, cooling medium, open drains, wastewater
  • Review piping material specifications
  • Review stress analysis guidelines
  • Technical review of pipe stress analysis
  • Review integration of surge analysis
  • Review of IFC piping isometric drawings
  • Review fab/installation/testing specifications
  • Quality Assurance shop fabrication inspection
  • Quality Assurance inspection assembly and field installation and testing

Perry Nuclear Power Plant
Circulating Water Remedial Project


Primary underground circulating cooling water piping system condition assessment and remedial maintenance program.

FSE Scope:
  • In-service 144” and 36” dia. underground circ water system FRP piping
  • Preventive maintenance inspection
  • Engineering analysis of existing condition
  • Remedial engineering design of repairs
  • Pipe repair specifications
  • Quality assurance inspection of in-situ repairs