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Our expert knowledge of FRP materials and failure modes allows us to quickly and accurately analyze minor to catastrophic equipment failures. FSE field investigation, lab materials testing, and engineering analysis provide you with reliable information to make good decisions.

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Equipment design adequacy review

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From collapsed storage tanks to ruptured piping, effective FRP failure investigation requires specific subject matter expertise and extensive experience to quickly and accurately determine cause and extent of failure, and impact on fitness for service.

At FSE, our mission is to get you back up and running quickly while providing a solid basis for reestablishing confidence in your FRP equipment and piping systems. Self-performing FRP failure investigation or using generalist investigators can result in undetected problems and misdiagnosed causes of failure. Rely on the FRP experts for dependable answers and effective failure recovery.


FSE expert inspectors, not just camera operators


Subject matter experts in the evaluation of in-service FRP equipment


Subject matter experts in the evaluation of in-service FRP equipment

Third Party Objectivity

Unbiased and clear technical perspective

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Engineered mechanical integrity evaluations