Preventive Maintenance and Evaluation

Control costs by predicting future repairs more accurately

Forty years of FRP/GRP experience in preventive maintenance has given FSE the ability to elevate their integrated services to the highest levels.

Our experts identify critical defects, and trend rates of degradation over time through inspections performed while the equipment or piping is in operation or during scheduled shutdowns. Our Preventive Maintenance Program saves clients money by predicting future repairs. We use the latest non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques with traditional visual inspection of FRP/GRP piping and joint systems to enable detection of serious defects. This enables you to better plan your maintenance budgets and to prevent unplanned outages caused by unexpected failures.

Continued reliability

FSE is continually developing new technologies that improve on-line and off-line non-destructive evaluation of FRP/GRP equipment. Evaluation of visual and NDT inspection findings by knowledgeable FRP engineers leads to enhanced confidence in the continued reliability of FRP/GRP piping systems. Engineering evaluation is often performed as a part of our integrated services to determine the impact of defects on equipment as well as the appropriate repairs that will be required.


Preventive Maintenance and Evaluation

  • Onsite Investigation and Evaluation
  • Visual Inspection
  • Review of Design Documentation
  • Review of Operations and Maintenance History
  • Remote Video
  • NDT (see Testing and Evaluation)
  • Control Area Monitoring
  • Management of Documentation and Testing
  • Assessment of Serviceability
  • Evaluation of Repair/Replace Options
  • Repair Recommendations
  • Repair Specifications
  • Design and Engineering Support


When to Use FSE Preventive Maintenance Services

Inspection During Operation

On-line inspection of FRP/GRP piping prior to the plant shutdown is performed while the piping is in operation; it combines visual inspection with Infrared Thermography (IRT) scanning and X-ray radiography non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques. This inspection targets areas of concern in the piping for further inspection and repair during the plant shutdown.

Inspection During Plant Shutdowns

Visual inspection of FRP/GRP equipment and piping during planned shutdowns is necessary to determine the condition of interior corrosion liners and structural laminates.

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